2 Years Earlier: Singapore and Bali

This past week, my friend Jade has been reminding me what we would have been doing this time, 2 years ago.

Initially I thought she was feeling nostalgic, but then she told me she was actually being reminded by Facebook.

This time 2 years ago, we were finishing up our 10 day adventure in Singapore and Bali.

I flew to Singapore to meet Jade who was coming to the end of a 5 month study trip.

It was my first time travelling to that side of the world and it was a truly amazing experience.

Jade and I spent a few days in Singapore before moving onto Bali to meet up with another friend of mine, Olivia.

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After reading Eat, Pray, Love, I just knew I had to visit Bali.

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Olivia, being the free spirit that she is had decided a few months earlier to go travelling (something she’s done many times) and Bali was her second stop; her first stop being Dubai.

Jade’s friend Daniella who she had been studying with met us at the airport in Singapore after returning from a short trip to Vietnam to travel to Bali with us. (Although after a mix up with an empty bullet case that Daniella had kept as a souvenir from her trip, she was almost not permitted to travel!)

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After a few days in Bali being shown some of the sights by Olivia, Daniella returned to the US.

Olivia, Jade and I hung out a little more and ate so much good food. Seriously, I think food was the highlight of my time in Bali.

We were staying in Seminyak, but Olivia was based in Ubud. She spent a few days with us and then we spent a day in Ubud with her.

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After saying our goodbyes to Olivia in Ubud, Jade and I went to see the rice paddies and the beautiful sunset.

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Jade and I spent a few more days in Seminyak, eating and lounging.

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We then returned to Singapore and Jade showed me a few more sights.

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I loved my time in Singapore and Bali, but I do feel that I didn’t get to see nearly enough of Bali as my time was limited, so I will defo be back for a longer visit.

We are we now?

Well free-spirited Olivia met the love of her love on her stop in Thailand and is marrying him next month.

I was at her hen party a few weeks back which was great fun. She shared that stepping into “grown up life” is freaking her out, but at the same time it’s exactly what she wants. I’m so happy for her.

Jade graduated with a Geography degree last year and is currently working on a creative endeavour. She’s wanted to do it for so long and finally she’s taking the leap. We talk about it daily and I’m so excited to see what she creates.

Daniella also graduated and moved to NYC to begin a graduate job. I keep saying to Jade, NYC should be one of our next adventures.

As for me, I’m just tryna figure out this thing called life.

In addition to continuing my Career & Life Coaching Blog, I’ve started this one as I wanted to do something more creative.

I also bought a DSLR camera a few months ago and I’m going to a photography workshop in a few weeks so I can start to experiment and have more fun with it, than simply using it for family celebrations.

I want to travel some more and capture more memories with my new photography skills.

In 2 years life has changed for all 4 of us, for some drastically and practically, while for others the changes have been internal and intangible.

Nevertheless, we have great memories to look back on and I want to focus on making many more.

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