Wishlist: 4 Home Office Desk Accessories To Motivate You

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Wishlist- 4 Home Office Desk Accessories To Motivate You - Leanne Lindsey

In just over a month I’ll be heading back to London and the plan is to continue my freelance work. This means much of my time will be spent working from home.

As much as I love writing, there are times when I’m feeling uninspired or when it feels like work.

So making my desk as appealing to work at as possible, helps me to want to spend time at my desk.

Here are the items I’m currently lusting over for my desk:

Silver glitter jar | Paperchase

Silver glitter jar - Home Accessories - Paperchase - Leanne Lindsey.fw

Before I left for Tenerife, a friend gave me a homemade gratitude jar as a gift. Now I can add this beauty, which can serve a double purpose: a place for me to keep my ideas, goals and intentions and a remind to never dull my sparkle.

Wild and Wolf silver illuminated globe lamp | Paperchase

illuminated globe - home accessories - paperchase - Leanne Lindsey.fw

For those days when work actually feels like work, I can be inspired by my wanderlust. I can spin the globe, pick a destination and then start planning my next trip.

Know Yourself Prompt Cards | The School of Life

Know Yourself Cards - The School of Life - Leanne Lindsey.fw

For those days when self-doubt threatens to creep in, just reading the words “Know Yourself” may be enough of a reminder to keep the insecurities at bay. If not, I can use one of the cards.

Notice board | Ikea

skurar-noticeboard-white Ikea - Leanne Lindsey

I am now planning each day before I start, so having something this gorgeous to display my daily goals and intentions is perfect.

When you’re working from home it can be easy to become distracted and lose focus.

These items provide a constant source of motivation, in an aesthetically pleasing way.

What desk items do you consider essential for staying motivated?

2 thoughts on “Wishlist: 4 Home Office Desk Accessories To Motivate You

  • at 11:24 pm

    Oooh I love the glitter jar! These are great ideas, I can totally relate to sometimes feeling unmotivated. I’m going to see how I can use what you’ve suggested here. Has it worked for you now that you’re back in London?

  • at 4:43 pm

    I have to admit, I’m still learning to balance this semi “location independent” lifestyle. The number one thing that works for me in every scenario is my journal. The notice board also worked although I opted to make my own. I do still want to adopt the gratitude jar.

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