6 Vegan and Plant-Based Foodies to follow on Instagram

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This week is National Vegetarian Week, so I thought I’d let you know the best UK-based veggie-loving peeps to follow on the ‘gram.

If you’ve been considering adopting a vegetarian, vegan or plant-based diet, the following 6 vegan and plant-based foodies will show you that you can still enjoy wonderful yummy meals, snacks and treats minus the animal products.


Dr Sómi I

Dr Somi’s IG profile describes her as a starch based low fat vegan and although she is new to veganism, only making the transition in April 2016, her account is one-bowl vegan food porn central.

She has photo after photo of colourful bowls of food that look so divine I doubt meat-eaters would realise they contain absolutely no animal products.

All the recipes can be found on her website, where she also shares her weekly grocery lists.

Instagram: @veganbysomi

Website: veganbysomi.com


London Afro Vegan

Esme is a vegan food and lifestyle blogger and Londoner who has been following a vegan diet since August 2015.

A post shared by Esme (@london_afro_vegan) on

As well as photos of the heavenly dishes she prepares, she also keeps us updated on new products she’s tried, where to find them and most importantly, the price.

On her website and YouTube channel, she has easy to follow videos showing us how to recreate the lush recipes she shares.

Instagram: @london_afro_vegan

Website: www.LondonAfroVegan.com


Tish Wonders

Tish Wonders is a plant based chef from London.

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Her IG profile is full of beautiful photos of plant-based meals and I’m sure you can find many of the recipes in her ebook that is available through her website.

What I love about Tish’s photos is that they look amazing, but also achievable to make yourself at home.

If you don’t fancy cooking, she also hosts a supper club in London.

Instagram: @tishwonders

Website: www.tishwonders.co.uk


Vegan Nigerian

Tomi Makanjuola is a Nigerian, vegan food enthusiast who shares recipes that showcase the flavours of Nigeria.

My heritage is Caribbean where meat, poultry and seafood are central to most meals. I know that the same is often true in African culture, which is why I love Tomi.

She has taken traditional Nigerian cuisine and ingredients to produce delicious recipes, minus the animal products.

Her recipes can be found on her website and she also hosts a pop-up restaurant if you’re interested in sampling her mouth-watering food.

Instagram: @vegannigerian

Website: www.vegannigerian.com


Planet Stylisoulstar

Leah is a vegan with a mission to show us that plant-based foods are tasty.

She not only shares her meals and recipes with us but also the products she using and lets us know about any special offers she spies in the supermarkets.

And those of you with a sweet tooth may want to follow her other account @cakesandish where she showcases her 100% vegan, wheat and refined sugar free cakes and goodies that are available to order.

Her recipes can be found on her website.

Instagram: @planetstylisoulstar

Website: www.planetstylisoulstar.com


Vegan Alex

Alex is a vegan cooking instructor and owner of a vegan snack brand.

Alongside photos of the vegan and plant-based meals she makes, Alex shares positive words of inspiration and motivation and is ray of sunshine on my timeline. You can just feel her positive energy shining through.

She has her own range of natural, gluten free vegan snacks that include kale crisps, apple crisps and choc hemp seed flapjacks.

I hope it’s only a matter of time before she puts out a recipe book but in the meantime, you can attend her vegan cookery masterclasses.

Instagram: @superveganalex  | @veganalexsnacks


A big concern when considering vegetarianism or veganism is a lack of variety but following these 6 vegan and plant-based foodies on Instagram will prove that an absence of animal products does not mean missing out on tasty, fulfilling and healthy food.

If you’d like to know more, check out my 10 tips on transitioning to a vegetarian diet.



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