7 Healthier Ways to Get Your Chocolate Fix [Vegan, Refined Sugar Free]

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Chocolate Recipes From Around The Web - Leanne Lindsey

The UK government recently announced that they will introduce a “sugar tax” on fizzy drinks. Whether or not it will actually have an impact on childhood obesity, which is the alleged reason behind the tax, is yet to be seen.

However, what is clear, is that more people are becoming aware of the negative impact sugar can have on our health.

I’ve been following a “no sugar” diet for over a year now but I still find it incredibly difficult to stay disciplined and committed.

I love chocolate, cakes, deserts and ice-cream and after 30+ years of consuming sugar in all of it’s many forms, I still find it hard to resist the lure of the sweet stuff.

Of course the ideal and healthiest option is to never have sugar again, but for me right now, removing everything sweet from my diet feels like cutting off a source of joy in my life. Maybe it’s psychological or maybe I still am, and always will be a sugar addict.

I find it almost impossible to stop thinking about it. It feels like everywhere I look, sugar is attempting to entice me in all it’s superficial glory.

And now at Easter, it can feel like torture!

I’m sure when I saw a (ridiculous) Asda advert recently, they said they have over 400 different Easter eggs in stock. FOUR HUNDRED!!! Surely I must have heard incorrectly.

Either way, I know that all supermarkets stock an abundance of chocolate treats at this time of year, so I thought for those of you in a similar position to me, attempting to reduce the amount of sugar you consume, I’d share a few healthier ways that you can enjoy a chocolate fix over the Easter period.

These recipes are simple and easy to make as they don’t require many ingredients and don’t need to be baked.

I will say however, if you’ve never had cacao before, you need to be a fan of dark chocolate as the taste is even more bitter. Of course some of the recipes include refined sugar alternatives, which you can always choose to omit entirely.

In London, cacao has become more readily available in most health food stores, but I’m not sure about other places in the UK. It is stocked in most Holland and Barrett’s but it’s more expensive than if you were to buy online.

I buy my cacao online from Healthy Supplies as it’s cheaper to buy in bulk.

Anyway, enjoy your chocolate treats if you decide to give any of the recipes a try, and share any pics of what you make with me on Twitter.



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