9 Twitter Accounts to Follow For Daily Inspiration

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I’m not a big Tweeter. Other than sharing my latest blog posts, I very rarely share insights or comments on Twitter.

I do however RT daily.

I share blog posts and articles I’ve enjoyed reading, and I support people and causes I like or admire by sharing their tweets.

But mostly, I RT quotes.

Twitter has an “In Case You Missed It” feature and it seems to show the people you RT or respond to most frequently.

Some people I’ve spoken to are not fans of the feature, but I love it because 9 times out of 10, it shows me quotes by my fav Tweeps!

The tweets from the following people help me feel inspired, motivated, seen and understood on a daily basis and I am grateful for their words.


GG Renee @ggreneewrites

GG Renee is an awesome writer and it always feels as though she’s writing my life.

Her words of encouragement and honesty give you permission to be vulnerable and unsure about your own life journey whilst maintaining optimism.


Alex Elle @_alexelle

I’m sure many of you already know or have at least heard of Alex Elle – and if you haven’t, you better get to know!

Her words encourage self-love, self-worth and self-forgiveness. She also has a podcast, Hey Girl, which I recommend tuning into.


Maryam Hasnaa @thatgirlhas

No matter what time of the day I’m on Twitter, Maryam’s nuggets of wisdom on self-love, self-care, personal growth and healing appear in my feed.

Her words almost always provoke me to think about how what she has shared relates to where I’m at in my own life.


Lalah Delia @LalahDelia

Vibrate Higher is her mantra and one that I have adopted. It’s even in my Instagram bio!

If you’re a close friend, chances are you’ve heard me say this when someone or something is testing my patience or when life is presenting me with a challenge.

Lalah’s words are always inspiring and uplifting and somehow they always manage to take the edge off of any negative vibes I may have been experiencing.


r.h. Sin @byRHSin

First of all, I’m not even sure this is really a guy… because he seems to relate so deeply to women and our experiences.

He is a popular poet who I first discovered on Instagram but recently started following on Twitter, which I prefer as I seem to see more of his writing here.

I think I appreciate his words because unfortunately we live in a world where shaming and degrading women is common practice, so his words are always a refreshing contrast to much of the trash too many men share online.


malanda. @overlyxclusive

Malanda’s words often resonate deeply and since listening to his EP, Songs for Women, I have become more conscious of the words he shares on Twitter.

I guess if I’m honest, his words give me hope.

Hope that there are still men willing to be vulnerable with their emotions and love honestly, respectfully and authentically – with actions to match.


cirino @iamcirino

I don’t know much about Cirino except that he’s always sharing words of wisdom and encouragement for navigating this journey we call life.


Brittany Josephina @brittanyphina

I discovered Brittany when she was a guest on a Black Girl in Om podcast (my absolute favourite podcast).

She was so full of positivity and optimism that I followed her immediately.

That was back in July and she’s been flooding my Twitter feed with empowering affirmations and words of inspiration and encouragement ever since.


Kadedra A. Duffas @frogyalfinesse

Kadedra is someone I connected with recently via the @HelpAQueenOut Sunday Twitter chat (another source of inspiration).

She regularly shares authentic insights and encourages people to take their time and live life on their terms.


Social media can be an extremely toxic place and I used to have a real love/hate relationship with it.

But if you’re a writer, coach, creative or anyone who needs to promote your products and services, it has become a necessary part of life.

Many marketing “gurus” encourage you to “follow for follows” and “like for likes” but not only is this completely inauthentic and often annoying, it also means your timeline is open to energy from all these random people you are following.

I am now much more conscious about the people I follow and recently halved the number of people I follow across all social media platforms.

So if you want more positive energy on your Twitter timeline and in your life, check out the 9 awesome, inspiring people mentioned above.

Who do you recommend following on social media for daily inspiration?



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