Happy LL Do you ever find yourself thinking “There must be more to life than this!”?

Yeah, me too!

I used to think it daily when I was in a career that made me miserable, and eventually affected my health.

The thing is, once you start living as a “grown up”, looking for more can seem scary or even impossible.

Often you feel stuck.

You know what your ideal life looks like, but you have no idea how to make it a reality.

Or, you have absolutely no idea what you want from life, but you know for sure it’s not what your life currently looks like.

It could even be that your life is not all that bad, really. But, you just can’t help but feel like something’s missing, and you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

You’re not miserable, and you’re not necessarily even unhappy, but you want more of something.

I can relate to it all.

I’ve been there, and over the past 10 years, I’ve met so many women who have been there too.

So, you’re not alone.

But, before I go any further, let me introduce myself.

As you’ve probably worked out from the name of the blog, I’m Leanne Lindsey.

I am a freelance blogger, qualified careers adviser and a certified life coach.

This blog was started in 2015 but I’ve been blogging since 2009 on my previous blog LL Coaching and I’ve had work published on other websites such as The Change Blog, Think Simple Now and Leaders in Heels.

For years people have been coming to me, not only for life coaching and careers advice but also for resources on random things, such as recipes for a specific diet, book recommendations and the cheapest place to buy quinoa!

As I often find myself telling several people more or less same thing, it made sense to create a platform to share my knowledge with multiple people.

For years I’ve played small because I didn’t want to make other people in my life feel uncomfortable.

I was constantly seeking or waiting for permission or approval, to be me and live life on my terms.

But now, I’m over trying to be so perfect, fearful of getting anything wrong or making a mistake.

And, I’ve realised that so many other women feel the way I do but are either scared to express the void they feel or just don’t know how to.

I refuse to believe that each of us was put on this planet to spend the majority of our lives working a 9-5 (or more) for 40+ years – a lot of the time still struggling to make ends meet!

Seriously, that’s just insane to me!

I want to thrive, not simply survive.

But, it’s so difficult to even say that out loud in today’s society, let alone try to break away from that view of “it’s just the way things are”.

I’m by no means naive.

I know we live in a capitalist society and that we need money to live but I believe there are other ways to live life.

We just need to be brave enough to take a risk and go against the current “norm”.

We also need to unlearn a lot of what we’ve been taught and challenge what we’re being told.

It is an ongoing process and it’s far from easy.

But today there are thousands of people challenging the rules of society and living a life they imagined.

I’ve not cracked it and I’m no expert, but I’ve begun the journey.

And, I’m definitely much closer to living life on my terms.

I’m tired of being scared to express myself authentically because I’m so concerned with what others will say or think.

I’m done feeling guilty for aspects of my personality or life that bring me joy.

It’s time for me to live out loud and leave my mark on the world, no matter how small.

And I invite you to do the same.

A Bit More About Me

I am a self-care advocate because I’ve learnt that when self-care is not a priority, life is way more challenging.

I also have a keen interest in wellbeing, natural living and healthy eating.

I follow an 80% plant-based diet which means I haven’t eaten meat or chicken for 9+ years, but I sometimes eat fish, and occasionally seafood and dairy.

The main reason I end up eating dairy is because I love desserts and ice-cream.

In fact, years ago I did a course to learn to make desserts which resulted in a pastry chef qualification and a passion for baking.

I also love travelling and I absolutely love, love, love the sun! I also love water and it is my long term plan to live in a place with a hot sunny climate, surrounded by water.

I’d love to travel around South America and Africa. Top of my list of destinations would be Egypt, Peru and Brazil. My favourite destinations to date have been Cuba and Bali.


What now?

I’d love for us to keep in touch.

Twitter is where I’m most active, as well as on my Facebook page, so let’s connect and you can let me know what’s happening in your world.

If you’re not one for social media, I regularly send a newsletter with inspirational tips and resources that you can sign up for (you’ll also get a free guide to help you feel happy every day).

I’m a huge fan of book, recipe and natural product recommendations, as well all things wanderlust. So, be sure to let me know of anything great you’ve discovered, and I’ll do the same.

And if you have a natural product, book or travel destination that you’d like me to review, let me know.

You can also leave comments on the blog posts and let me know your thoughts and what really hit a nerve for you.

If you want more help and advice on something specific or you find something I’ve said really useful, let me know and I’ll do my best to give you more on that topic.

I look forward to getting to know you better. 🙂