Couldn’t Stop Touching #30Layers30Days


For years I’d heard nothing positive about you.

I was advised against welcoming you back into my life.

My memories of you were linked to pain and discomfort.

People questioned why I wanted to be reunited with you.

I was told that if I was seen with you, I’d be treated differently;

People wouldn’t look at me the same.

But when I finally saw you after years of being apart,

I couldn’t stop touching you.

You were so soft and perfectly defined.

You were nothing like I remembered you.

Yes, at times you’re hard to manage,

And sometimes dealing with you is draining.

But, having you back in my life has forced me to grow.

You’ve given me a sense of freedom, I did not realise I had been craving.

I can be without for days, or even weeks,

But never again can I imagine ever turning my back on you completely.

You are part of me.

You are my natural hair.

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