DIY | Simple Home Office Memo Board For Under £5

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DIY Simple Home Office Memo Board For Under £5 - Leanne Lindsey - image

I’m super excited to share how I made this simple home office memo board for under £5!

Before I left Tenerife, I wrote down my plan and intentions for my blog and freelancing business. And I knew that to get everything done, I’d need to get organised.

I recently shared my home office wish list and one of the items was a memo board from Ikea that cost £9.

Granted, £9 for the pretty memo board was not going to break the bank, however, one of my intentions when returning from Tenerife was to be more frugal.

A few weeks ago, I was hired to write an article about upcycling and it really inspired me.

I remembered that I had a fairly large picture frame from Ikea that I’d never used, in all the years that I’ve owned it.

I instantly thought it would make a great home office memo board.

Ikea photo frame image1 - Leanne Lindsey

By the way, when I say “home office”, what I mean is a small desk in the small living room of my small London flat.

Notice a theme? Small.

Which is another reason why I wanted to create something simple but specific for my desk. I want to feel inspired when it’s time to get down to work and my desk to feel something like an office.

After a few hours looking for inspiration on Pinterest, I took a trip to my local Ikea and Hobbycraft stores.

I returned home and an hour or so later, this is what I had created:

DIY simple home office memo board image1 - Leanne Lindsey

What I used to create my memo board

  • 2 x Avsklid coaster, cork – 4 for £1 (cork is needed if using drawing pins as they do not go through the backing of the photo frame) – Ikea
  • 1 x Wooden heart clips – 6 for £1 – Hobbycraft
  • 1 x Laser cut embellishment – 6 for 50p (on sale) – Hobbycraft
  • 1 x Design ribbon – 3m for £1.69 (on sale) – Hobbycraft
  • scissors
  • glue (I have a small glue gun which I used to attach everything)

As I’m a crafty person (or at least I like to think I am), I already had a few bits at home, such as the black butterfly stickers and the stick on quote strips, which I attached to the pockets at the bottom of the memo board.

To make the two pockets, I cut 2 A4 envelopes I already had at home.

I also had the A4 whiteboard, which can be picked up from Ebay or Amazon for less than £2. I simply removed the frame and added the design ribbons to the edge.

I also put a strip of the design ribbon across the memo board to be used with the wooden heart clips.

The calendar I printed from here.

A simple home office memo board for under £5

In total, I spent £4.19 and I’m totally in love with my simple home office memo board.

Of course, it would have cost more if I had to buy everything, but that’s the point! How much stuff do we have lying around the house that we could put to better use?

Another option would be to buy a cheap corkboard and then customise it to your taste.

Depending what you have lying around at home, you may still be able to do it for under £5.

I am so happy with the result that I’m already planning my next DIY “upcycling” project.

I’m making a bedside table from a cardboard box that my new broadband router was delivered in, and 2 vases I had lying around, which again I have never used!


So, what do you think? Have I inspired you to create your own simple home office memo board?

Or at least make something useful, with the unused stuff you have lying around at home?

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