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And just like, the first week of May is over!

At least it was a short week for most. How did you enjoy the bank holiday weekend?

Of course I’m still in Tenerife but it was a bank holiday here also and it was my birthday so my sister flew over and we had a blast! You can read more about it in my monthly review of April if you’re interested.

Last week’s #FridayFavs were dominated by all things Lemonade, so I promise there will be no fruit related articles this week.

  • A very old post, but it contains the exact wisdom I need to read right now as I set out on a new freelance path
  • Fancy learning a new skill, that may just help you make a career change or help with the job you’re already in
  • Just when I thought Zumba could not get any better! Who said working out at home was boring!
  • It’s not only the chemicals in our food that we need to be aware of if we want to maintain good health
  • A great subscription box to help reduce your stress and give yourself a “hug in a box
  • A lovely message to read if you ever find yourself aching to receive a simple and kind-hearted gesture such as someone texting you “Good morning, beautiful.”
  • As someone with a strong personality, I can relate to much of this. I’ve heard the phrase “maybe they’re just intimidated by you” one too many times!
  • I will be going through every one of these 15 items when I return to London to bring some more minimalism into my life
  • My temptation to eat sugar definitely increases in line with theses 3 reasons

And there you have it, not a lemon in sight!

Have a fab weekend.

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