TGIF | #FridayFavs

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Hello, and how are you this week?

I don’t have much to report this week, other than spending almost 10 hours trying to resolve an issue I had with my email! Thankfully it has now been resolved and was down to have a url in my signature, who knew!

If you’ve read this week’s post, you’ll know that today I’m off to have fun at 3 health and well-being shows in London so hopefully, I’ll have lots to share with you next week.

In the meantime, here are this week’s #FridayFavs.

  • I love the idea of being more like Frida Kahlo and WWFD (What Would Frida Do) may just become my new compass for navigating life!
  • I’ve known about the benefits of Tai Chi for a while now, and even looked into practising it in Tenerife but unfortunately it never happened.
  • This is a controversial one – the contraceptive pill – but I really believe it’s something we need to talk about more as too many women are unaware of the potential side effects and alternative options.
  • Are you eating any of these foods that have a negative impact on your hormones? Or these 5 healthy foods that may also affect you if you have a hormonal imbalance?
  • “Because sometimes, being still feels harder than hustling.” Now ain’t that the truth about finding your true self! I was a person who was always busy and one day after years of self-discovery I realised it was just a way to numb and silence the fear and painful feelings.
  • I’ve wanted to start growing my own food for a while but it’s always felt impossible with such a tiny flat and “garden” in London but these 10 inspiring tips on how to get started have shown me that it’s absolutely possible.
  • Over the past few years, my mum has developed the green-fingered bug so hopefully the sun will stick around long enough for us to visit these 7 summer gardens in London.

As always, I hope you have a FAB weekend!

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