Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

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Get Your Garden Ready For Summer - Leanne Lindsey - image

Apparently, we’re now officially in the season know in most parts as Summer.

However, looking out of my window in London right now you’d never guess it!

Anyway, hopefully, we will get some sustained sunshine here in the UK ASAP.

So, staying optimistic, let’s look at how you can get your garden ready for summer.

Tidy Your Garden

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First things first. Your garden or outdoor space is normally the most neglected area of your home during the Autumn and Winter months so you’ll need to give it a good tidy.

  • Rake and remove any dead leaves, twigs and rubbish/debris left over from the chillier seasons.
  • Get rid of any weeds.
  • Fix or replace any broken fences, gates or trellises and treat any wood with a wood protection.
  • If you have a greenhouse, clean it thoroughly and if you have a shed, give it a good clear out.
  • Dispose of any garden furniture that cannot be saved with a thorough wash or Pinterest-type makeover
Spruce up your Lawn

get your garden summer ready - lawn image - leanne lindsey

This could be a tricky one if you’re in the UK or somewhere equally as rainy.

But as you soon as you get a few days of dry weather, you can give your lawn some TLC.

If you have a few weeds in the lawn, spray them with a weed killer. Alternatively, here you can find some ideas for treating weeds naturally.

If your lawn is looking a little worse for wear, then giving it some lawn feed will get rid of any dry, bald patches.

Clean the patio and decking

get your garden summer ready - patio image - leanne lindsey

If you have a patio or decking, these will also need cleaning.

Depending on the size, the easiest way is to use a pressure washer.

The alternative is to scrub it by hand, which doesn’t sound like any fun to me!

Plant flowers

get your garden summer ready - primula image - leanne lindsey

Adding flowers to any space always brightens things up and the possibilities are endless.

If you’re green-fingered, no doubt you have already planted your bulbs and seeds and don’t have to do anything other than admire, Instagram and water.

However, if like me, you are clueless, head down to your local garden centre and they will be someone keen to help you out. I’ve always found people in garden centres super helpful and enthusiastic.

And if all else fails, pick whatever takes your fancy.

Also, consider planting bee-friendly flowers if you’re not planning to spend much time in your garden, or your garden is large enough so the bees won’t bother you. You can find out more here.

Refresh the furniture

get your garden summer ready - furniture image - leanne lindsey

If you’re lucky, your garden furniture will have survived the colder months and to get it all looking as good as new again, it will only need to be cleaned .

However, some furniture may require a little more attention.

Metal can rust and wood can become tired and battered but normally it’s nothing that sandpaper and a pot of paint can’t fix.

You might even choose to pick a bright, bold colour to create a feature in your garden.


get your garden summer ready - accessories image - leanne lindsey

Once the basics are in place, you can now personalise your outdoor space by adding accessories. And as with flowers, you have unlimited options.

Think about your outdoor space, in the same way, you would when decorating any other room in your house.

Add color, texture and pattern as desired and consider if you want to follow a theme.

Then use soft furnishings such as pillows, cushions and curtains, as well as outdoor candles, lanterns, ornaments, potted plants and even rugs as fashionable and functional accessories.

For smaller spaces, you can still add a splash of colour with this stylish set of 4 orange plant pots or this easy to store floral deckchair.

For larger spaces, why not add a contemporary water feature.

Add lighting

get your garden summer ready - lighting image - leanne lindsey

If you plan to use your garden for entertaining and BBQs, no doubt you’ll be outdoors long after the sun has set.

Adding lighting is not only functional for those warm summer nights, it also is another way to personalise your garden.

You can use lanterns, candles and waterproof string lights.

Hopefully, you can take some of the ideas above to get your garden summer ready. Then you can either invite friends and family over for a BBQ or simply enjoy on your own with a great summer read.

And, if like me in London, you have limited outdoor space, hopefully, you can still implement a few of the ideas to create a summer-ready outdoor space you can enjoy.

Does your outdoor living space need a makeover?


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