5 Caribbean Fish Recipes

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Fish Recipes From Around The Web - Leanne Lindsey

If you were born and raised in a Christian home or environment, no matter how loosely, chances are you’ve grown up observing the tradition of not eating meat or chicken on Good Friday.

I don’t come from a particularly religious family. My mum is Catholic and goes to church every Sunday and my dad goes to church for weddings, christenings and funerals, if he has to.

Although I was baptised in a Methodist church – as my mum and dad were unmarried teenage parents and despite my mum being Catholic, the Catholic church refused to baptise me – I grew up going to Catholic church most Sundays with my my mum, had my Holy Communion at seven and attended a Catholic secondary school.

Soon after starting secondary school, my “concerns” about religion began.

Well actually, it was probably before then but it was around the age of eleven or twelve when I became more vocal about my issues with the Catholic church and religion in general.

When most of the girls my age were planning their confirmation at school, I refused. I told my mum that I had too many unanswered questions to “confirm” my faith, and surprisingly she accepted my choice.

Fast forward many years and I no longer follow any religion, and I also no longer eat meat or chicken, however when I did I still respected the tradition of no “flesh” on Good Friday.

I still remember many Good Fridays where I’d hear my mum scream in horror as my dad made a ham sandwich because he completely forgot about the “no flesh” on Good Friday tradition – or simply because he forgot it was Good Friday!

As I do still eat fish and seafood, I thought I’d share a few tasty recipes that are commonly eaten in a Caribbean household on Good Friday:




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