Nandos for Vegan and Wheat-Free Peeps

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Last week was my dad’s birthday and so as is customary in my family, he chose where he wanted to eat.

He wanted to go Nandos but wasn’t sure if there was anything on the menu I would be able to eat. I wasn’t hopeful, but as I hadn’t been for a very long time, I thought I’d check out the menu.

To my surprise, they now do a Quinoa Salad, Sweet Potato Wedges and Houmous – everything this girl needs to be content. Especially as the salad includes avocado – my absolute fav!

The houmous is served with pitta bread, which I did not eat, instead I waited for my wedges to arrive and got stuck in with them. It was tasty.

The sweet potato wedges were not what I expected. They’re large and backed in the skin. They tasted really nice though.

Nandos Sweet Potato Wedges

The quinoa salad is a bed (think queen size) of salad leaves and lettuce topped with tomatoes, cucumber, sweet potato and avocado chunks and black/red quinoa. It does actually come with feta cheese but I simply asked them to leave that out.

Nandos Quinoa Salad


Meat eaters also have the option of having a grilled chicken breast with it, which my mum opted for.

The salad itself was nice enough, just a bit too much leaf and not enough quinoa. Also, on it’s own it would not have been filling enough for me, but with the houmous and wedges it was just the right amount of food.

They also have a couple more salad options as well as olives, creamy mash, sweet potato mash, spicy rice, ratatouille, corn on the cob and peas.

So next time your non-vegan, wheat eating friends want somewhere cheap and cheerful to eat out, you can now include Nandos in the mix.

Photo Credit: Nandos

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