Self-Care Sunday Interview With Danni Roseman

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Introduce yourself – tell us a little bit about yourself

Hi! I’m Danni, and I’m a long-term black expat living in Spain.

I’m the community and content director for LMDES, a platform dedicated to redefining the black experience in Spain and beyond.

I’m a voracious reader, avid traveler, writer, and vegan interested in social justice, natural hair, and shaking stuff up. Stuff being: (patriarchy, misogyny, racism, complacency, etc).


How do you define self-care and what does it mean to you?

Self-care means being able to silence the noise clutter that surrounds us constantly in order to listen to our bodies.

Then, of course doing what our bodies say.


My daily self-care practices involve being more discerning with my strong ‘no’ and more stingy with my ‘yeses’.


Why is self-care important, particularly for women?

We live in a society that conditions women to believe that we’re not doing enough unless we’re completely depleted (but make sure you still smile and look refreshed, because God forbid!) And that’s simply not the case.

Self-care is important because we have a long, arduous road ahead of us in order to unlearn these beliefs.


How do you practice self care in your daily life?

Each day, I try to say ‘no’ to others and ‘yes’ to myself.

I have this thing where I’m perpetually slapping my own hand away, self-correcting and even chastising.

On the other hand, I’ll bend over backwards over a fire pit for someone who doesn’t even know my last name!

My daily self-care practices involve being more discerning with my strong ‘no’ and more stingy with my ‘yeses’.


What part of your self-care routine is most important to you? And is there one that is vital to you even when you’re having the worst day?

I mood track everyday and also, write down moments of gratefulness (or things that make me smile). No matter how small.

It helps me to keep things in perspective when I feel like life is spiraling out of my hands.

It’s a moment that I take by myself, to ask myself honestly, how I’m feeling and why.


All self-care is is taking care of yourself!


What is your biggest challenge when it comes to self-care?

Feeling guilty!

Not only am I married, but my best friend is also my business partner.

When I check out, everyone is affected.Β But when I don’t take time for myself, I’ve decided, it’s much more dire.


What do you think are some of the most common misconceptions about self-care?

First off, the term has ballooned into some transcendental concept only practiced by ankh tattoo wearing, yoga practicing, plant-based hippies.

Or, some trite mantra spewed from the clenched teeth of an over-worked woman trying to convince herself of the validity of the rat race.

It’s neither and it’s both: no two selves are the same.

All self-care is is taking care of yourself!

It’s not synonymous with selfish. Nor is it a “white” thing or a “hippy” thing. It’s the most human concept around! Don’t play yourself!


What tips, resources or advice can you share for anyone struggling with self care?

It’s okay to look to others for inspiration, but what I do may not work for you.

Don’t compare your journey or your steps to anyone else’s. That would be doing you a grave disservice.

I recommend starting wide, and honing in on what works.

Ask yourself what makes you the happiest, most complete and fullest version of yourself. Then break that down into tiny, digestible actions you can take daily.


… saying no isn’t a crime, nor will the world come to some loud, screeching halt.


What are your favourite self-care mantras, quotes, poems, songs, books or movies?

I listen to Myliek Teele’s podcast because she’s just an all-around boss.

As for books, Greg McKeown’s book, Essentialism, really put things into perspective for me.

Any time I read or see James Baldwin’s words I see a man who is unapologetically himself and I feel inspired.

And as for mantras, my most recent one is: no is a complete sentence.

It helps me to not have to explain why! Do I want to do that? No. Why? Because that’s not what I’m being called to do.

I read somewhere that if the answer is not “hell yes!” Then it’s a no. I like that.


What is the most important advice would you give to your younger self?

Stop spending so much time and energy on people and situations that distract you and absorb your energy without investing in you.

I’d remind myself that saying no isn’t a crime, nor will the world come to some loud, screeching halt.

And I’d also say that it’s okay to not be liked, especially if it means that you’re more in love with yourself.

Many pretend to have it all figured out, but underneath the mask people are lost and just trying to make it.

Focus on your own journey and everything else will fall as it should.


What is your hope for your future and the future of women?

I hope that start to love ourselves as much as the ideas we have of others, and then once that mark is passed, truly begin to love other women, flaws and all.

There’s too much pretending, idealizing, envy and consequently, feelings of inadequacy. We need to let ourselves be beautifully complex, yet flawed human beings.


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