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TGIF - #FridayFavs - Weekly round up of interesting blog posts by Leanne LindseyTGIF!

Summer has finally arrived in the UK and I’m so happy about it!

Can I get a whoop whoop?!

I’ve had to tell family and friends off for complaining about the heat. I mean we only get this glorious weather for a short time each year, savour it. You have 360 other days to complain about the rain and cold.

My favourite things about summer include eating copious amounts of watermelon, ice cream and BBQ as well as chilling in the park or garden.

What are your favourite things about summer?

If you plan to chill in the sun and you’re looking for a short summer read, here are this week’s #FridayFavs:

  • I can’t wait for my next trip to Barcelona, which I’m now tempted to book sooner rather than later, so I can try out all of these Healthy Foodie Spots.
  • When I tell people I follow a mainly plant-based diet, they normally have lots of questions, mainly about nutrition. If you have the same challenge, or you’re one of the people with questions, this physician’s guide to plant-based diets contains a lot of useful information.
  • Too often, we stay in unhappy, painful and difficult situations because we’re waiting for permission to make a change. If that’s you, here is your permission. Know that you’re allowed to leave.
  • A recent trending hashtag #PantyChallenge has highlighted that we still have so far to go with accepting everything it means to be a woman.
  • After recently being educated by my 22-year-old sister on the latest craze Pokemon Go, I found this Facebook post hilarious and have to say I share the sentiments. Although, my sister swears it’s made her exercise more as now she opts to walk rather than drive to increase her chances of catching a Pokemon. Hmmm…

Finally this week I had an article published on 9 simple ways to stay motivated when working from home and I also shared my thoughts on how to be happy, healthy and slay the second half of 2016.

Have a fab weekend, and hopefully the weather stays as lovely as it’s been all week.


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