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It's Friday! #FridayFavs - Weekly round up of interesting blog postsTGIF!

We’re at the end of the last full week of January.

How has the first month of the of the year been for you?

This month has felt long, in a good way.

I don’t have that where has the month gone feeling, but I’m also not counting down the days until the month is over.

My week has been enjoyable and the highlight was helping students on a programme with the Atlantic Whale Foundation (AWF) prepare presentations on nature, conservation and tourism projects.

I also managed to fit in some leisurely blog reading and here are my favs:

  • My one-sided love affair with J.Cole grows deeper with every new track he releases.
  • Some important points to keep in mind about happiness and moving abroad.
  • Tonight (or just after midnight for peeps in the UK) is the first new moon of 2017 so it’s time to get intention setting.
  • It’s very concerning that this toxic ingredient could be in any of our personal care products without us knowing.
  • I have been slacking on my morning stretching, but there really are no excuses with these simple stretches.
  • Not only does this turmeric-coconut soup sound delicious, apparently it can also help treat 7 ailments.
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I’ll leave you with my favourite quote posted on Instagram this week.

Have a FAB weekend!

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