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It's Friday! #FridayFavs - Monthly round up of interesting blog posts

I’ve been making some changes recently.

Not just here on the blog, but also in my life.

In fact, I haven’t stopped making changes over the past year or so.

There have been small seemingly insignificant changes, as well as monumental changes.

Some changes have been my own choice, others have been made as a consequence of choices made by others.

The past 18 months have been consistently inconsistent and at times it has been extremely uncomfortable.

But I finally recognise it as growth.

I’ve been growing, expanding and transforming.

When you’re actively participating in life, growth is inevitable and with it comes growing pains that can often manifest as confusion, frustration, loneliness and sometimes desperation and despair.

It’s like when you first jump off the diving board into a swimming pool – that moment when you feel you could possibly drown because you’re not entirely sure you have sufficient air in your lungs to keep you alive long enough to get you to the surface of the water.

That’s what the past 18 months have felt like for me, but this week I feel like I’ve reached the surface and finally exhaled.

No, my life is not now perfect.

I do not have everything figured out but I have stopped to take reflect on where I am and the life I’m currently living.

I’m on a beautiful island where the sun shines almost every single day – and most of those days are warm enough to wear a bikini.

My time is my own and I am able to choose what I do each day.

I have the opportunity to be involved in a worthwhile project that will enhance the lives of many disadvantaged young people and I have already met some interesting people through the project.

Physically, I’m exactly where I wanted to be this time last year.

Spiritually and emotionally, I still have a long way to go, but I have already come so far and it’s important for me to acknowledge that.

I am committed to living a full life – and to do so means continuously stepping into the unknown.

For most of my life, I have stunted my growth either by shrinking to please others or make them feel comfortable or because I was scared to get things “wrong”.

Even during my time here in Tenerife, I’ve placed limitations on myself, still trying to conform to what others consider an “acceptable” way for me to spend my time here.

Just in case my choices don’t work out and they pass judgement on me.

But what is becoming more apparent to me is that I have one life and not a single day is promised.

Perhaps because I’m getting older or maybe simply because I now have more time to think about what truly matters and what I want to experience during my lifetime.

I’ve also had time to look at the motivation behind the things I choose to do and ask who I’m doing them for.

There is still a lot I need to figure out – or rather allow to unfold – but instead of being attached to an outcome, I am choosing to practice gratitude and acknowledge where I’m at today.

I am committed to living a full life – and to do so means continuously stepping into the unknown.

It means allowing myself to be vulnerable and continue to have faith and move forward, even when I cannot see the possibilities available beyond the current day.

I have learned that every day you have to recommit to what you want and how you want to feel.

My word for the year is JOY. But every single day I have to commit to experiencing joy.

Some days it comes naturally and automatically; delivered in a sweet, simple manner.

Other days, joy seems so far from a possibility and I have to work hard to make it a reality.

On these days, I have to actively seek joy.

I have to put my life into perspective and be grateful for what I do have.

Life is unpredictable and it comes with highs and lows, daily.

It often feels like you’re taking two steps forward and three steps backwards, but if you change your perspective, you’ll see what a beautiful dance those steps can make.


So one of the changes I’ve made is with #FridayFavs, making it a monthly roundup now rather than weekly.

Here are my favourite reads from February:


Currently on repeat…

Shining by DJ Khaled


Currently reading…

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou


Have a FAB weekend!


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