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TGIF - #FridayFavs - Weekly round up of interesting blog postsTGIF!

Not only is it Friday, it looks like Summer has been restored here in London with the sun shining for the past 2 days.

How has your week been?

Whether it’s been stressful or relatively stress-free, put your feet up and enjoy this week’s #FridayFavs:

  • Our lives are becoming busier; overflowing with work demands, social media apps and fashion trends to keep up with. These 9 ways to find serenity can help you to regain balance in your life.
  • Celebrities often seem so far removed from us ordinary folk. But, sometimes celebs like Patton Oswalt will authentically remind us that when tragedy strikes, we’re all ultimately the same.
  • An amusing post about surviving a week without your phone. I’m pretty sure this would be most people’s experience if they had to spend a week without their phone.
  • If you live in London, it’s likely you don’t have an abundance of living space. These tips will help you to most of a small living space.
  • Our toilet habits are not something most of us casually discuss with others. However, digestive issues are your body telling you something’s not right and constipation is one of those signs.
  • Most of us have no idea how important the health of our nervous system is to our overall well-being.
  • Going from a refugee swimming for your life to swimming for Olympic Refugee team within a year shows just how unexpected life can be.
  • Because we now live in a society where we’re constantly connected, it may be surprising to know that many people are experiencing loneliness.

And finally, this week I talked about how to stay focused and get rid of distractions.

What posts have you read this week that you recommend?

Let me know in the comments below.

Have a FAB weekend!

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