What’s Most Important #30Layers30Days


It’s been a while since I’ve had that overwhelming feeling of happiness.

All I feel now is tired and despondent.

I want to be positive.

I want to feel optimistic, but it’s so much effort.

And winter’s coming.

The season I hate most of all.

I already feel cold; numb on the inside.

Now I’ll surely freeze to death.

I need warmth, and time to thaw.

I want to be free and feel the sun on my skin.

Like the snowflakes that are sure to come,

I’m drifting.

And I feel my health and peace of mind dissolving.

Society told me that wealth, power and status are important.

The masses said, grind, hustle and be a girl boss.

So I tried, I really tried.

But slowly, something in me began to die.

Then I realised that for me, none of that is what’s most important.


Photo Credit: Pixabay

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