LL Journaling Guided Sessions is a weekly podcast consisting of guided journaling sessions designed to support your journaling practice and encourage you to take time out of your day for yourself to reflect, contemplate and show up more intentionally in your daily life.

The podcast is available on all popular streaming platforms.

Season 1

Introducing: LL Journaling Guided Sessions


Episode 001 | An intentional start to your day


Episode 002 | Stop, start, continue


Episode 003 | How was your day?


Episode 004 | Inner voice check-in


Episode 005 | Missing Person


Episode 006 | What do others think of you?


Episode 007 | Banishment


Episode 008 | Back in time


Episode 009 | Give thanks


Episode 010 | Getting to know you


Episode 011 | What do you expect?


Episode 012 | What do you want to learn?


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