Living Wild and Free

What would my life be, if I was to live wild and free?

Music would play gently wherever I go.

Erykah badu, Jill Scott, Ibeyi, Bob Marley, The Floacist are just some of the artists who would accompany my journey.

My hair would be un-tamed; my clothes colourful, soft and flowy.

I would skip, twirl and tiptoe.

I would be both gentle and fierce; vulnerable and strong.


I would be playful and excitable.

I would explore the boundaries and spend my days navigating life, guided by my curiosity and intuition.

I would allow myself to fall, sink and be consumed by love.

I would laugh loudly every day until every muscle ached.

I would write poetry, make art, bake and create.

I would inspire and teach; learn, experiment and grow.

I would travel the world, taking my time to soak up the culture and the history; savouring the sights, scents and tastes.

I would seek beauty and simplicity.

I would live passionately, extracting the sweetness of life and savouring every drop.

I would be fearless.


I would spend my days in the sun; melanin glistening, being nourished by the rays.

I would spend my evenings swimming in warm water and watch the stars light the indigo night sky whilst afloat in still water.

I would dance under the light of the moon and sleep beneath the stars.

A fire would burn brightly and drums would play in time with the dancing flames.

I would let the music consume me, allowing my body to become one with the rhythm.

My heart pulsating in sync with the beat; my spirit mimicking the flames.


I would be in harmony with nature, embracing my divine, sensual, feminine power.

If I was wild and free, I would allow my spirit to roam shackle free and let life move through me.

I would allow the essence of who I am to surface and thrive.

I would be authentic and fully self-expressed.

I would speak, breathe and live my truth.

Living wild and free is being unapologetic, taking risks, trusting yourself, following your heart and allowing your soul to come alive and shine bright.

Living wild and free is saying here I am life, you can test and challenge me; you can cheat me, knock me down and be unkind but no matter what you do, I’m gonna love you, see the good in you, always and give you everything I’ve got until I take my last breath.

Living wild and free is accepting the light and the dark and being at peace with both.

Oh what a life it would be, if I were to live wild and free.

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