The Self-Love & Wellness Lounge October Writing CircleWelcome to the October Writing Circle.

Here are all the prompts you need to join in.

Remember to get involved in The Self-Love & Wellness Lounge online community and use #TSLWL_OWC on Instagram and Twitter to share your writing – or just images of you and your journals! 🙂

The Self-Love & Wellness Lounge October Writing Circle - Leanne LindseyThe October Writing Circle

Here in the Northern hemisphere, Autumn is approaching.

Autumn is a time when there is less light and the trees begin to lose their leaves.

There is so much we can learn from nature, and as the season changes, like nature, we can draw inwards and let go of what we no longer need.

Not only are we entering a new month, October 1st is a new moon, so it really is the perfect time for self-reflection and discovery.

One of the best ways I know to do this is through journaling.

So, I am encouraging you to spend the 31 days in October getting to know yourself better.

Each day there will be a prompt for you to explore through writing – or art if you prefer.

You can write poetry, prose or just pour the words out onto the page as they come.

The most important thing is that you are honest with yourself.

I am inviting you to share your writing using the hashtag #TSLWL_OWC, however, this is a time for you to go deeper and get to know yourself better so there is absolutely no pressure for you to share.

Only share what you feel comfortable with.

What is a writing circle?

I have called this a writing circle rather than a challenge, because when women come together and show up as their authentic, raw and vulnerable selves, something magical happens.

This will be a virtual writing circle, bringing women together across the globe to support each other on a journey of self-discovery.

Why should I take part in the October Writing Circle?

As women, we’re very good at sucking it up and getting on with things.

Well at least on the surface.

Many of us are carrying years of unhealed pain, shame and disappointment as well as unspoken fears and doubts.

A lot of the time, we’re not even consciously aware of what’s going on beneath the surface, and even if we are, we’re either too scared to face it or unsure how to articulate it.

When we have unresolved emotions, past hurts and fears buried deep within, health and happiness can feel difficult to obtain and maintain.

In today’s society, we learn to cope, but we don’t necessarily learn to heal.

Journaling can form part of a self-care practice, giving you the opportunity to explore what may be lying beneath the surface and preventing you from living a life you truly love.

The October Writing Circle will support you on your journey of self-discovery and healing.

How will the October Writing Circle work?

Every day I will share the day’s journal prompt on Instagram and also in The Self-Love & Wellness Lounge (you can join if you’re not already a member).

You can share your writing for the day – or any realisations with the group using the day’s thread in the Lounge.

If you use the hashtag #TSLWL_OWC on Instagram, I will share also your writing there.

What do I need?

It really depends on you.

I prefer to write in a physical journal, and I recommend doing it that way.

But you are free to do it whatever way you choose.

If you have a blog, you may choose to write a daily blog post.

You might choose to create a piece of art or you may choose to use a digital writing or journal app.

Do what works for you.

There is no right or wrong way.

Do what gives you the best chance of committing to writing every day for 31 days.

What if I skip a day or days?

I recommend catching up, but don’t stress about it.

It could be that you’re resisting what is coming up for you, which is why you’re finding it difficult to commit the time to a particular prompt.

Or, it could be that you honestly can’t find the time. If that is the case, ask yourself, what is stopping you from making yourself and your personal journey a priority.

What if I can’t think of what to write?

Just write whatever comes to mind.

Say out loud, or in your mind “If I knew what to write, I would say…”, then write what comes.

Also, check if you’re trying too hard to write the “correct” answer or what you think you should say.

This is not a test. There is no prize for the “perfect”answer.

Remember, no-one will read what you have written if you choose not to share it.

The most important thing is to be honest and authentic.

Do not censor yourself.

Be unapologetic.

This is for your own personal growth and healing.

What next?

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