One Minute Quick Journaling Prompts

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One of the top reasons people tell me they don’t journal is because they don’t have time.

I’m someone who despite seeing the benefit in something can find it difficult to get started and quickly fall off if I feel like it’s taking too much time each day.

I find if an activity initially takes only 5-10 minutes to do, it’s much easier for me to include it into my daily routine.

So, if you want to get (back) into a regular journaling habit but have very limited time, here are 3 one minute quick journaling prompts that can be a way to get you (re)started.

In your journal, write:

  • 1 word to describe how you feel
  • 2 words to describe what you need
  • 3 things you are grateful for

You may be thinking that writing a few words isn’t “journaling” and there is some truth to that. However, journaling is about is getting to know yourself better.

Simply writing a few words can tell you a lot about where you are mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Just taking a minute to notice can make a huge difference.

Once you get into the habit of writing a few words every day, it is likely that you’ll want to start exploring and expanding on your single word answers.

Don’t overthink your answers. Write down the first words that come to mind.

At the end of each week, look back to see how things change, or not for you.

This may also be something you want to explore further in your journal.

I hope these one minute quick journaling prompts help you get (re)started with journaling.

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