Journaling Prompts for Every Occasion


The beauty of journaling is that it can be used to explore thoughts, feelings, concerns, aspirations and intentions for almost any situation.

Some days you open your journal and know exactly what you want to write, or at least where you want to start.

On other days, you want to journal but feel resistant, unsure about what to write, or uninspired by your current journaling practice.

Journaling prompts are a great source of inspiration for your journaling practice and here is a collection of journaling prompts for every occasion:

You can also check out the LL Journaling Guided Sessions podcast. Each episode guides you through a varied collection of journaling prompts.

A journaling practice will evolve as you move through life and whenever you need some inspiration, you can come back to this collection of journaling prompts for every occasion.

Image Credit: Unsplash

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